dublab x Carhartt T-Shirts

Our first shirts are in. We printed a limited run of 50 Tees for our Popup Radio project together with Carhartt WIP, only available at our temporary studio location at Jülicher Strasse 14 in Cologne from July 7-15.

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dublab at Panama Plus

Next weekend we’ll be joining the Panama Plus Festival in Munich, transmitting music selected by our trusted friends from Analog Africa, Kalakuta Soul, Radio Love Love and Bumm Clack, amongst others, live from the festival on Friday and Saturday evening from 6-10pm (CET).

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3+1: Eric Schönemeier (Monticule Festival)

Ahead of our collaboration with this years’ Monticule Festival we approached Eric Schönemeier, one of the Monticule founders, to share some information on the idea of the festival, things to bring, do, and more.

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dublab at Monticule Festival 2017

Monticule is one of the few festivals doing things differently, putting great emphasis on a collective experience fuelled through the love for music and the arts. Those are key values of what makes dublab what it is, and naturally we are more than happy to collaborate with them for the first time this year.

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New show: Teenage Dreams

Coming out of age with Diet CV. “Teenage Dreams” gives you an infantile perspective on the diversity of DIY sounds from fuzzy scum to creamy haze.

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Online Radio Festival 2017

The Online Radio Festival returns to Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam for the third time on Friday, May 19th for a day full of live broadcasts, talks about the future of web radio and progressive live performances and DJ`s.

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New show: Ana Ott Radio

The show family keeps on growing: Starting today, Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr based vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott will be hosting a bi-monthly show evolving around their cosmos of DIY concert culture, their homebase Makroscope, and the label itself.

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New series: Record Recollections. Sharing records and the stories behind them

Every record has a smaller or bigger story attached to it, and we are keen to hear and share those personal recollections and memories.

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Neue Kunst und Kultursendung: Institut für Betrachtung

Wir freuen uns ausserordentlich über die erste Wortsendung auf Das Institut für Betrachtung wird ab kommendem Donnerstag einmal im Monat vielfältige zeitgenössische Themen aus Kunst und Kultur “jenseits von akademisch, disziplinär, ideologisch oder ökonomisch motivierten Partikularinteressen” vorstellen und diskutieren.

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Sonae (Monika Enterprise) – Tone Mix for dublab

Sonae is a DJ and producer based in Cologne. She released her debut-album in 2015 on Gudrun Gut’s label Monika Enterprise and is frequently playing live, scoring theater soundtracks and organizes concert evenings in her hometown as member of the female:pressure network.

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There is a new kid in town that we want you to play (with)

Exclusive video premiere of “Temple” by Pappen Im Nebel. An abstract journey through light and movement shot by Meryem Erkus. Out now on baumusik.

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Far Away Tape 012 - Cafe Ale

Far Away Tapes 012 – Cafe Ale

New one in the Far Away tape series courtesy of Alejandro Cohen & Frosty from dublab. Float away…

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Friedman & Liebezeit – 182-11 (Live)

Amazing live version, recorded at Live at ByTheLake, Berlin Weissensee, August 2015.

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dublab at Meakusma Festival 2016

In September 2016 the Meakusma festival is taking place in Eupen, Belgium for the first time, and dublab is happy to be part of this extraordinary operation.

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Artwork by Denis Tochilka

Denis Riabov (Sincere Music) – Tone Mix for dublab

Denis sent over this really beautiful Mix featuring tracks by Roedelius, BBB, Gigi Masin and other dublab favorites. The perfect soundtrack for reading a book in bed, laying on a field watching the clouds go by, or similar… you get the vibe. Thanks Denis for this!

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W. Barthel / M.Böhm / R.Bauer – Timeless Horizons (Growing Bin Records)

Barthel, Böhm, Bauer – Timeless Horizons (Growing Bin Records)

Timeless Horizons by BBB is a 2xLP compilation of songs originally released by Wolfgang Barthel on three private press LPs: Auf Der Suche (1984), Zeitlos (1986) and New Horizons (1988). Original copies are almost impossible to find these days, so Basso from Growing Bin took it in his own hands to re-introduce the world to the German trio and their Timeless Horizons.

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dublab at CityLeaks Festival 2015

In 2015 the CityLeaks Festival takes place in Cologne for the third time, and we’re happy to announce that dublab is curating the musical program taking place at the festival center in Cologne-Mühlheim from September 5th – September 20th. Highlights include radioshows & DJ-Sets by friends and favorites alike such as James Pants, FloFilz, Jan Schulte, A-Musik, Salon des Amateurs and many others.

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Mieux - Daddy

Mieux – Daddy

Mieux means better, and we find that to be very true. Focusing more on the live aspect of things in recent months it comes to no surprise that the Austrian production duo just put out a beautiful, caleidoscopic live-video of one of the standout tracks on “Are You Happy”, the steeldrum laden, bass heavy “Daddy”. Video and exclusive MP3 download after the jump.

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Ipek Gorgun

Introducing… Ipek Gorgun

Ipek Gorgun walks a refreshing path within the world of electronic experiments and contemporary music. Being a Ph.D. candidate of Sonic Arts at ITU-MIAM inspired her to a research based method of compounding new sound scales. As a bass-player, vocalist, writer and photographer, Gorgun is keeping herself quite busy within the underground-scene of Istanbul. Her electro acoustic solo works are a mix of uncerebral experimental fragments and massive, deep soundwalls.

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Colorist - Faust

Colorist – Faust

The new video by Cologne based band COLORIST is a mesmerizing trip for your daily technophilia. The multi-producers and pioneers of improvised deep techno team up with Berlin based filmmaker Ufuk Cam to jump into a mingle of blurry nature, sharp but lasting beats and a peculiar creature fellow.

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Aloa Input (Photo: Tanja Kernweiss)

Aloa Input – Far Away Sun

Aloa Input are no longer circling the globe but escaping the earth’s atmosphere altogether. The three-piece band sets off into outer-space, aiming for the fourth planet from the sun.

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Tolouse Low Trax - Vineland

Tolouse Low Trax – Vineland

Düsseldorf based DJ and producer Tolouse Low Trax takes us for a ride on this psychedelic Kenneth Anger loaded track.

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Reverse Computer & Dilo

Reverse Computer & Dilo – Look At Me

Kenneth James Gibson (Reverse Commuter, [a]pendics.shuffle) & Dilo are back with a new song ‘Look At Me’ and video on Los Angeles label Adjunct.

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BAR - Adios

Bar – Adios

BAR is the project of Lucas Croon (Stabil Elite) and Christina Irrgang. Both create this parallel reality where all is cool and cool is all.

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BAR - Luna May

Bar – Luna May

Lucas and Christina created the BAR universe. A project of pop songs, sinister textures, and androgynous realms, all driven by dance beats.

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Wunderground (Photo: Stefan Kloo)


Internet radio station dublab and the German Consulate General Los Angeles have partnered to highlight rare and previously unheard songs from Germany’s most progressive musicians.

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AG. Geige

AG: Geige – Elektrische Banane

AG. Geige were definitely ahead of its time, or maybe not, just in a parallel reality where time and place doesn’t matter.

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Krautrock Classics (Photo: Stefan Kloo)

Krautrock Classics: A Tribute To German Cosmic Music (CD)

An exploration of the psychedelic, progressive and cosmic music from Germany in the 1960′s & 1970′s.

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Driftmachine – Réveil des Oiseaux

Driftmachine – Réveil des Oiseaux

Driftmachine’s album “Nocturnes” on Umor Rex redefines the lines between insomnia and slumber.

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Saroos - Return

Saroos – Sequoia (Odd Nosdam Rmx)

This remix by Odd Nosdam of the Sequoia track by Saroos is ambient in its most intense state. A wall of sound that is unstoppable and keep advancing towards you.

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Will Samson – Rusting Giants

Will Samson – Rusting Giants

It was about time this gem by Will Samson finds its way on vinyl, including two new reworks by Ritornell (Austria) & Benoit Pioulard (France)

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Lebanon Hanover (Photo: Thomas Amras)

Lebanon Hanover – Your Fork Moves

Living Tapes makes another stop in its downward spiral to a higher place with Lebanon Hanover’s release “Tomb For Two”.

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Kraftwerk (WDR Rockpalast)

Kraftwerk – Live in Soest (WDR Rockpalast 1970)

This recently unearthed gem features early Kraftwerk (Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, along with drummer Klaus Dinger) performing live on the German TV show WDR Rockpalast in 1970.

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Farben & James DINA4 - Lucifer Rising

Farben & James DIN A4 – Lucifer Rising

Jan Jelinek and Dennis Busch aka James DINA4 made this record that is not really a collaboration in the traditional way.

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Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola)

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Opening (Live Version)

“Opening” couldn’t be a more appropriate title for this song by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra. This is a “begin the day” type of song, even if you’ve been up all night.

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Irmin Schmidt - Villa Wunderbar

Irmin Schmidt – Villa Wunderbar

Irmin Schmidt‘s “Villa Wunderbar” is a compilation of the work by one of the founders of Can. This release includes solo and soundtrack work, including two unreleased Can remixes.

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Masha Qrella – Fishing Buddies

Masha Qrella – Fishing Buddies (James McNew Version)

Fishing Buddies is the B side to Masha Qrella‘s single “Boys Don’t Cry” – a great companion to those days where all we do is wait for the one we need.

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Joasihno – Lay Down

Joasihno & JEL – Lay Down

This collaboration between Joasihno & JEL represents that magic that connects California and Bavaria. Both members from different parts of the world, yet they share one single vision.

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Edgar Froese & Nanny Cantaloupe

Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) in Conversation With Nanny Cantaloupe

Chances are pretty good we don’t have to explain who Tangerine Dream are. You already knew they’ve been cemented in the annals of pioneering electronic music for their mastery of transportational soundscapes, crafted from the early 70′s on.

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Faust & Nanny Cantaloupe

Faust in Conversation with Nanny Cantaloupe

In October 2012 the legendary Faust made a very rare visit to Los Angeles, and i was honored to have a sit-down with the band and speak about about food, life, art and music.

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